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Bringing brands and banners together for customer centric collaboration


The retail landscape is continuously evolving and we have seen dramatic changes in recent years with capacity growing twice as fast as consumer demand; with this comes increasing pressure for retailers to create a more compelling experience than the competition.

Crafting the perfect customer experience can be difficult; more often than not merchandise management decisions are diluted due to a lack of accurate real-time information being available at a store specific level. Strengthening strategic relationships between retailers and suppliers can make it possible to improve efficiency through collaborative communication & data sharing to bring brands and banners together for a completely customer centric approach to category management.

The growing choice and convenience of channels has led to information overload and empowered customers to have greater expectations when it comes to shopping, from low prices to personalization. Delivering to those expectations can be daunting; putting a collaborative customer centric strategy in place is the solution.

Successful collaboration requires true two-way communication between suppliers and retailers; Galleria’s Collaboration Platform allows for genuine sharing of real-time information and business process in one unified format to streamline the management of those dynamic relationships from one central location, providing the ability to maintain accuracy, quality and consistency from end to end.


  • One central data source for every retail channel.
  • Efficient conversion of data into actionable management information.
  • Effective workflow management spanning the whole trading floor from procurement to shelf.
  • True system integration considering legacy and best of breed solutions
  • Allows you to import and analyze rest of market data

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Galleria Collaboration Platform - GCP

Bringing brands and banners together for customer centric collaboration

To stand a chance of success in the shifting sands of the industry it is imperative that retailers take the time to understand their customers better than ever before and put processes in place to use their learnings & insights. Of course cost implications should also be a consideration & retailers must strive to find ways in which to cut costs and boost operational efficiency.

Whilst it is possible to undertake these tasks alone, a strong case can be built to improve efficiency on both sides through supplier and retailer collaboration. The implementation of a collaborative customer centric strategy relies very heavily on thorough two-way communication to allow for authentic sharing of information and business process.

Retailers need accurate, rich data as a foundation for their trading solution, this data can often be patchy. The Galleria Collaboration Platform provides the tools needed to enhance end to end collaboration by providing one central location for data sharing in one unified format, linking suppliers with stores and all stakeholders through the cloud, providing the ability for trusted partners to participate in the creation and management of this data.

The simple to use application synchronizes communication to and from all related applications, forming the backbone for streamlined automated real-time information sharing, both internally and externally irrespective of enterprise expansion. Providing three main pillars of functionality from content, through to project management and data enrichment the solution facilitates both simple and complex collaboration through a secure gateway which ensures that the right information is published at the right time, to the right people and in the appropriate format, even whilst on the move to support content viewing for colleagues in the field or perhaps where suppliers may wish to provide comment on existing floor plans.

Closing the loop on collaboration through the Galleria Collaboration Platform will help to enhance the shopping experience and strengthen brand loyalty to help gain and retain customers.

  • Enhance operational efficiencies through improved supply/ retail relationships
  • Efficient conversion of data into actionable collaboration tools
  • Easily share information across a working group
  • Use mobile devices to share and collaborate on content
  • Combine collaborative business processes, rules, objectives & tools

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  • Master Data

    Master data management

    Cloud based, secure web platform provides data security & ensures that the right data is accessible in the right format, enabling retailers and suppliers to share data sets to suit, providing enhanced operational savings to both parties.

  • Project Based Collaboration

    Project Based Collaboration

    Request information from vendors e.g. market insight, clusters, assortments, planograms. Assign resources to tasks and with milestones. Gain information in a timely fashion that fits with Retailer and Supplier calendars and expectations, gain notifications on the move. Manage and maintain the entire process.

  • Streamlined Information Exchange

    Streamlined Information Exchange

    Easy, fast information exchange in real-time e.g. publishing assortment recommendations to supply partners for their use in creating planograms which can then be published back to the retailer. The solution is easily accessible on any device, even on the go.

  • Automation


    Sharing category, store and brand specific data is easily accommodated by integrated real time automation functionality. Flexibility enables various work-flow decisions whilst supporting individual store specific requirements.

  • Market Insight

    Collaboration market insights

    Offering built in features to import and analyze multiple supplier/retailer data sets together to develop market information that fits your requirement.

  • Transparent

    Solution transparency

    To achieve velocity and a qualitative use of time, Galleria Collaboration Platform has project management functionality, to ensure core activities are completed in a timely and productive manner. This facilitates the accurate and seamless management of activities between suppliers and retailers to avoid external communications and missed deadlines.

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