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On-Demand Reporting is a Galleria Solution that has been created for retailers from the ground up to support the users, management and stakeholders involved in assortment, merchandising and insight decision making.


Across the board your retail business generates bundles of big data, mining that raw data to produce actionable insights can be both difficult and time-consuming. Solid gold insights from such areas as consumer buying decisions, sales transactions and financial reports can be collated into rich customer analytics which can be targeted to meet stakeholder needs; from effective supplier collaboration to improved store operations, ultimately resulting in successful shelf management.

On-Demand Reporting has been created for retailers from the ground up to support the users, management and stakeholders involved in assortment, merchandising and insight decision making. It plugs into your existing Galleria Foundation Services infrastructure and puts the power in the hands of your employees and stakeholders, allowing them access to a single data repository through their galleria applications, tablets or smartphones so they can produce, schedule and share their own reports quickly and easily. 


  • Provides accurate and timely information to your decision makers.
  • Provides your analysts with easy to use self-service tools.
  • Self-service model enables your users to get insights without needing IT skills.
  • Flexible insights, straight out of the box.

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On Demand Reporting - ODR

Flexible insights today, not someday...

You can’t move for “data”, but turning that raw data into actionable insights and actions are what galleria does best. On-Demand Reporting provides your users with a rich source of information which has been created for retailers from the ground up.

With ODR you can empower your staff with self-service analysis and interactive data visualisation to help them make the right decision across your trading floor.

ODR helps you to bring everyone with you on your customer centric journey by providing transparent reports distributed across your organisation which are timely, accurate and flexible.

  • Empower your decision makers by providing them accurate and timely information.
  • Provide your analysts with easy to use self-service tools.
  • Link your spreadsheets to powerful trading data.
  • Self-service empowers your users to get insights without needing IT skills.

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  • Flexible

    Flexible reporting

    Flexibility is key when acting upon insights before your competitors; and that’s why ODR is built with this in mind. ODR is fully plug and play with your existing GFS infrastructure which means you can get up and running very quickly. The system comes preloaded with reports and charts for your trading activities, so producing your own reports is very simple and doesn’t require extensive training. ODR is truly the best hub for your trading insights.

  • On demand

    On demand analysis

    Accessing your reports has never been so easy. You’re able to access ODR through all your galleria applications from store and over the internet from your tablet or phone. This unparalleled level of flexibility ensures everyone in your team and across the trading floor has access to the right information at the right time; and this can be used to further improve your productivity when using other galleria tools.

  • One source

    One source

    Getting the elusive “single version of the truth” can be a problem for any retailer, usually because the large corporate BI solution isn’t up to date, or doesn’t have the right information. ODR is different, because it’s been built with a specific purpose in mind – support the users, management and stakeholders involved in assortment, merchandising and insight decision making. This single focus means that all the data is one place and you can depend upon making actionable insights.

  • Rich insights

    Rich insights

    Easily get rich insights from your data using the simple ODR user interface. ODR contains all your trading information out of the box including performance data, spatial information and artifacts such as consumer decision trees and clustering strategies. ODR also contains a rich set of pre-canned reports which get you going.

  • Schedule

    Schedule reporting

    Reporting on your schedule is made very easy thanks to the ODR scheduler which allows you to ensure that reporting is run every week, or based upon other trigger events so that everyone is kept informed of the latest insights. The scheduler works hand in hand with the sharing features so that you can distribute your reports through email, the internet or even to your stores.

  • Share

    Share reports

    Need to share that insight with someone else? Then ODR has all the tools to share your reports with someone else, whether they are an ODR user or not. Easily package your report for inclusion in that important PowerPoint deck or Word document.

Flexible deployment

We have a range of deployment options suitable for every type of business. For On Demand Reporting, we can distribute the
software to the following options:

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