Maxima Grupe chooses Galleria

Galleria News - Galleria today announced that Maxima Grupe, one of Lithuania’s most successful retailers, will utilize a range of its solutions to automate and optimize its merchandising strategy.

Maxima Grupe chooses Galleria to automate and optimize its merchandising strategy

Galleria Retail Technology Solutions, the leading provider of retail and category optimization solutions, today announced that Maxima Grupe, one of Lithuania’s most successful retailers, will utilize a range of its solutions to automate and optimize its merchandising strategy. Maxima is planning to implement Intelligent Store Optimization, Behavioral Cluster Planning, Customer Centric Merchandising and Galleria Foundation Services in more than 400 stores across Eastern Europe.

“With an ever expanding range of stores in different markets Maxima’s goal is to optimize our selling space in every store and ensure that we have an appropriate assortment to meet our individual customer needs” said Edvinas Volkas, Chief food and prime necessity industrial goods purchase center at Maxima group. “Galleria offers us a complete, single-source solution to automate our merchandising processes across our whole store estate.

Galleria Foundation Services is the central hub for data repository including, business process, workflow management and security. In addition Galleria Foundation Services provides the perfect platform for integration with legacy and third party systems. Behavioral Cluster Planning will allow Maxima to cluster categories and cluster stores based on actual customer shopping habits, highlighting opportunity gaps and providing the products that they really want.

Intelligent Store Optimization, an automated decision support application, will enable Maxima to optimize and manage macro space and micro space on a store-specific level. Maxima can re-proportion space at any level to quickly understand the financial impact of change on their bottom line via a transparent “what if” analysis.

Customer-Centric Merchandising will enable Maxima to execute a customer-centric merchandising strategy across hundreds of categories in full recognition of the constraints applied by the supply chain, each store’s inventory requirements and in-store space. “Maxima’s decision to adopt dedicated technology demonstrates that new market retailers are investing in solutions that will help them compete with the increasingly competitive market in Eastern Europe. Not only will the utilize technology to streamline business processes they will also provide customers with a first-class shopping experience,” said Ian Duncan-Lewis, CEO, Galleria.

“We are delighted to welcome Maxima as a new partner and we look forward to building our relationship over the coming years. We are confident that the implementation will enable Maxima to improve its customer experience.”

About Maxima

Maxima Grupe, UAB, is a company registered in 2007; it owns retail companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Poland, which include 485 shopping centers MAXIMA X, MAXIMA XX, MAXIMA XXX, T-MARKET, T-MARKET EXPRESS and ALDIK: there are 220 of these in Lithuania, 136 in Latvia, 66 in Estonia, 42 in Bulgaria and 21 in Poland. In 2012, MAXIMA is celebrating 20 years of operation in Lithuania, where the first stores were opened in 1992. Today MAXIMA is the best known retail brand and the largest retail chain in the Baltic states. All the companies under MAXIMA GRUP?, UAB, management employ over 28 thousand employees in all the countries.

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